Storytelling Workshops for Schools

Since the publication of my first fantasy novel in 2012, I have enjoyed giving lectures, presentations, and workshops on writing at conventions and literary events such as the Leipzig Book Fair, as well as in schools.

Within the framework of my storytelling workshop, I would be happy to impart knowledge, skills and an enthusiasm for independent literary and artistic endeavours to your students. These practice-oriented courses are an imaginative addition to your German, English and literature classess as either a workshop or afternoon club activity.

After students' literary studies/analysis skills are developed and deepened in the first, formative course component, they are put to direct use in the practical creation of literary works. All courses include comprehensive presentations and detailed handouts. I deliver my lessons in either German or English and will gladly tailor the language level to aligh with participant profiiency. My current programme features:

Day Seminar

Publishing as an author and artist

Storytelling workshop with book printing


One-day seminar with a duration of three hours.

For students aged 12 — 18

In this workshop, I teach students how to create and publish their own works as aspiring young authors, mangaka, or comic artists. In this context, we interactively explore the features that make for outstanding stories while emphasising the key factors that drive a successful creative process: routine, discipline, and perseverance. Students not specifically interested in a writing or art career will equally benefit from an affirming pedagogical discussion on self-awareness and autonomous self-actualisation in the quest to lead a productive life. Subsequent explanations about publishing encompass all relevant processes, beginning with writer exposé or artist portfolio creation and closing a contract with the publisher through to successful marketing strategies. I also provide a realistic insight into costs and profit opportunities.

The delivery and complexity of presented information are tailored to the students' age group.

As a parting gift, the students receive posters with digital character illustrations. Examples of my works can be found under illustrations.


Storytelling workshop with book printing. Half-year course with 16 double periods.

For students aged 10 — 14

In this interactive writing workshop, students explore the historical background and literary characteristics of fables. Working together, we create, analyse, and discuss our own fables, and use these original works to design a book that will be printed for all students.

I adjust the explanation and use of literary terms, along with the methods of text analysis, to the students' experience and proficiency in these fields.


Storytelling workshop with book printing. Half-year course with 20 double periods.

For students aged 13 — 18

Students will explore excerpts from Rudyard Kipling's original The Jungle Book (1894) for an eventual comparison to the Disney animation (1963) and the CGI film Mowgli by Serkis (2018). In doing so, we highlight how the character of wolf-boy Mowgli was presented against a backdrop of Victorian imperialism and why the modern-day portrayal of him and his relationship with the jungle animals and nature differs drastically from the original: while Kipling created Mowgli as an idolised ruler figure, more recent (ecocritical) adaptations present him as a despised outsider among jungle society. This development is an excellent example of how literature — in this particular case even the "same" story — is subject to constant transformation and alteration as time, society, morality, and cultures change.

In this writing workshop, students craft their own short stories set in the world of The Jungle Book, using either existing or self-created characters. Working in groups, these aspiring authors constructively analyse and edit their original stories. Instructions detailing story construction, literary terms, and text analysis methods are adapted to the students' level of knowledge.

With guidance, students create an anthology of their stories that is then printed as a hardcover book for all workshop participants.


Storytelling workshop with book printing.

Half-year course with 20 double periods or school year course with 32 double periods.

For students aged 12 — 18

Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney is a literary phenomenon that delights children and young adults worldwide with its accessible interplay of humorous writing and authentic drawings. In this writing workshop, students identify the unique characteristics of the narrative before creating a diary novel of their own. In a structured series of step-by-step activities, they work in small groups to create their own multi-faceted protagonist and an individual storyline for their novel.

With guidance, students learn how to create appealing and coherent stories. The diary genre allows for an optimal introduction to writing, as the length of one's own narrative as well as the protagonist and plot can be chosen at will. The students are free to decide whether they want to create a child, adolescent, or adult protagonist, the extent to which illustrations will play a part, and if they will create a humorous story or devote themselves to more serious themes. Topics currently covered in regular school lessons are also easily incorporated into both the workshop and student stories, if desired.

While younger students find themselves on par with narrator Greg and tend to create similar stories or transform themselves into protagonists, their older peers learn to consciously differentiate between author persona and narrative voice.

This writing workshop is also great for parallel language learning. Greg's diary is written in a remarkably accessible style and is available in bilingual German-English versions with additional annotations for students. Apart from developing writing skills, I like to support the individual language aptitudes and interests of older students by allowing them to read the book (or individual chapters) in either German or English. Students are also free to choose the language they will use to write their own work.

After critiquing and editing each other's narrations, students assemble an anthology wherein their individual novels are printed as hardcover books.

During a school-year course, we use any additional periods and school holidays to further expand our own stories.

Are you interested in one of the storytelling workshops outlines above? Do you feel inspired to collaborate on a new concept for your students? Literature is my passion and my profession. Please feel free to contact me with your specific requirements, and I will be happy to discuss how we can best realise your project.