Individual Tutoring for Students and Adults


Dein Lehrer - Nachhilfe von Bastien Anderie-Meyer


I offer private tutoring for all school forms and grades. I support students and adults with their individual projects and academic aspirations.

Dear Student,

As your tutor, I will support you in all stages of your education all the way up to graduation. This includes refreshing your fundamental knowledge, helping you develop efficient study strategies, providing support parallel to your schooling and engaging in intensive exam preparation.

My primary subjects are English, Maths, and German. The former two subjects were advanced Abitur courses (German A-level) as part of a 13-year school system. I passed the Abitur with an average grade of 1.5. I am particularly fond of maths while I have studied and taught English for many years, both in Germany and abroad. Likewise, I have enjoyed teaching German language classes for foreigners.

I am also happy to tutor you in school subjects other than those mentioned above, and we can always spontaneously rearrange our lesson plan to dedicate ourselves to new topics and/or individual subjects you wish to tackle during a session — or prepare for a just-announced test. You are more than welcome to give me a call or drop me a line and share how I can help. Together, we will get it done!


Dear Trainees, University Students and Language Enthusiasts,

Welcome! I offer English and German language training for adults, as well as assistance with English and German studies, translation work, and international company projects.

With respect of content and tone, please note the explanations below primarily target schoolchildren. While the provided information offers a first impression of my work and process as a tutor, it does not fully capture what you — as a businessperson, author, foreign university student or international board member — might hope to gain from personalised language lessons, guidance through evening classes, academic support for project work, and/or long-term individual coaching.

With this in mind, please contact me for deeper insight into how I can help: whether you are in training, studying at university, looking to forge and foster business relationships at a global level, or perhaps aiming for something else entirely. We can discuss your individual aspirations and unearth an individualised strategy to best realise your objectives, all in the name of linguistic competence and success.




I conduct my lessons using modern media yet remain a steadfast proponent of old school etiquette in my interpersonal relationships. That is to say, I am ...


I do not (and never will) perform work for commercial tutoring institutes, agencies or intermediaries. Prior to our first lesson, we (and your parents) will get to know one another personally as part of a complimentary introduction. During this get-together, I will take a preliminary glance at your existing material, notes, and assignments, and we will also discuss your individual challenges and goals as a student. After this, you can decide whether or not you would like to work with me moving forward. All interactions that occur from this initial meeting to our final farewell following the last lesson will always involve me personally. I will always be available to you — even between our scheduled lessons — via phone, e-mail, or text.


I work in the absence of binding contracts and never charge additional fees. That means you will neither be forced to pay an sign-up or "holiday" fee, nor be subjected to an obligatory time duration or minimum number of lessons. Your personal needs, your learning progress, and — above all — your confidence in my teaching will mold our collaborartion and tutoring schedule. Hand to heart, you only pay for actual lessons — nothing more.


I am not an anonymous person who sells his services on Internet portals as a pseudo-teacher. Accordingly, it is never my intention to make a quick buck by pre-writing a student's homework to thrill his parents with a sudden improvement in his grades.

I have devoted my life to education. I teach with passion, great patience and endless enthusiasm to support you on your scholastic journey. My primary aim is to support you with tailor-made lessons and learning strategies that will ultimately enable you to effectively and autonomously address and overcome any school, university or professional challenge. These strategies do not build on the mere memorisation of vocabulary or formulas but rather on the ability to recognise correlations between abstract facts and practical applications. Ensuring you can apply what you have learned with confidence and that you are optimally prepared for exams, it is my ultimate goal that you — by and by — will no longer need my help as you soar to higher heights on your own.

By my name, I vouch for what I say on this website. At our first meeting, I will disclose all my qualifications and credentials to you (and your parents).


We will forge our agreement with a handshake, but not secretly under the table. My work as a tutor is officially registered with the German tax office. You (and your parents) receive a professional invoice, which can often be accounted for as a further education measure for tax purposes.



For pragmatic and pedagogical reasons, our lessons take place at my home on Reclamstraße in 04315 Leipzig. Only in exceptional cases do I make home visits. Alternatively, we can arrange online classes.

There are many advantages to meeting at my home.


We can study undisturbed. At my home, there are no family members, flatmates, spontaneous visitors, or noisy neighbours to distract us while we work.


There's no need to tidy up or prepare anything at home when you visit me. With a great atmosphere and plenty of room to study, my home work space is equipped with everything we need:

  • A lofty ceiling and three large windows that let in a lot of light during the day. For dark winter days, there are eight industrial ceiling lamps with incredibly bright, white light. This keeps us awake and boosts our concentration.
  • During hot days, we can turn on my fan.
  • I have two large desks, one of which is three metres long. This gives us ample space to study.
  • There are always drinks and snacks on hand; you'll find everything from healthy fruit to chocolate bars. In case you are ever short of time – for example, if you come here directly after school or sports practice and don't have time to eat – I always have a hearty meal on offer. During long study sessions, I'm happy to treat you to a kebab, pizza, cake, or ice cream.
  • Work hard, play hard: Those who work hard need equally rewarding breaks. We can enjoy small study breaks with a round of darts or Mario Kart on the Switch.


At home, I have plenty of books and study materials at my fingertips. Let’s say, for example, we schedule a maths lesson but you spontaneously need to address a chemistry quiz or complete an urgent biology homework assignment. No worries! I can immediately select a textbook from my shelves to support the situation at hand. We can also create presentations on my laptop and watch learning videos together, and I am also more than happy to copy material from my books for you.


The COVID-19 pandemic remains a risk for all of us. To maintain our safety, I thoroughly disinfect and air the learning environment after each visit. I test myself regularly and can also offer you a self-test at the beginning of our lesson, if required. If you like, we can wear masks for the entirety of the lesson.


Our classroom is located in close proximity to the city centre, as well as numerous bus and tram stops. It takes less than 15 minutes to walk from the main railway station to my house. By bus, it is just a five-minute drive to the "Elsastraße" bus stop directly in front of the building, where buses run every 10 minutes. Likewise, it is only a three-minute walk to the Kaufland supermarket on Dresdener Straße, which can be easily reached from Augustusplatz.

Are you still learning to navigate around town and city traffic independently? If so, you need not feel alone! If you like, I can meet you at your bus stop, from where we can walk together to the classroom. Likewise, I would be happy to accompany you on the way back and wait with you until your bus or tram arrives.

Rabet Park, immediately adjacent to my house, is a great place to spend your free time before and after our session. It features a football pitch, volleyball and basketball courts, an outdoor gym, a youth centre, playgrounds, a skate park, and a 1 km jogging track (perfect for skates or boards). In addition to the park, you can quickly reach several supermarkets, kebab shops, Domino's Pizza and the Regina cinema.



Online classes offer a fantastic opportunity to study safely and comfortably in your own home. I have held online courses for the University of Leipzig for over a year, thereby developing effective teaching strategies that incorporate modern media. For our session, I will invite you to a video conference in "Zoom". You can join via a simple link. You do not need any special programmes to participate, just an internet-enabled device such as a laptop or tablet with a microphone and loudspeaker.

During our online session you will be able to see and hear me. In addition, you will also see my "digital blackboard" displayed in a second picture. On my board, I can show you my PowerPoint presentations on our respective topics. You will also see everything that I note down for you during our conversation. Just like in a real classroom, I can present you with exercises, write texts, and do calculations and sketches together with you. At the end of the lesson, you will additionally receive my session notes via e-mail for your own follow-up revision.



I offer individual private and group lessons for two participants. I do not arrange groups myself. You are welcome to take lessons together if you would like to study the same subjects and topics.

I greatly respect and would like to support parents who aspire to educate their children at an early age. The inclusion of children with a migration background is equally dear to my heart. For this reason, I also teach primary school children upon request and at a reduced price of €45 per 90-minute lesson.

Knowledge is valuable but solidarity is priceless. This month, I am again offering eight personal tuition vouchers to refugee children from Ukraine. One voucher reduces the price of a single lesson from €40 to €5. Please feel invited to contact me to make an appointment for the next month.

Цього місяця я даю вісім уроків зі знижкою для дітей з України: навчаю дітей з України за 5 євро за урок (45 хвилин). Ви можете написати мені на електронну пошту, щоб домовитися про зустріч наступного місяця. На жаль, я не володію українською мовою.


Apprentice- ship, Uni, Technical College
Adult Education, Corporate, etc.
45 minutes
Private Session
40,- EUR 60,- EUR 90,- EUR
90 minutes
Private Session
70,- EUR 110,- EUR 170.- EUR
45 minutes
Group Session
(2 students) per person
30,- EUR 50,- EUR 80,- EUR
90 minutes
Group Session
(2 students) per person
50,- EUR 90,- EUR 150,- EUR
Short / General preparation work Included Included Included
Creating and correcting study folders, workbook exercises, sample assignments, presentations, exams, etc.
(per 45 minutes)
40,- EUR 40,- EUR 40,- EUR
In accordance with §19 UStG (German Turnover Tax Act), no turnover tax is charged on the prices quoted.


Payment is possible by bank transfer or in cash. Please settle payments in cash before or on the day of the respective lesson. Regardless of the method of payment, I will issue an invoice for each lesson.


Organisation and routine make our collaboration a success. I guarantee that I will be there for you when we arrange a study session. It only happens very rarely and in exceptional circumstances that I spontaneously cancel an appointment. In such a case, you will of course be fully reimbursed for the scheduled lesson.

Please consider that any late arrival on your part cannot be counted towards the scheduled end of a lesson. Therefore, I kindly ask you to organise yourself and our appointments accordingly to ensure that you can arrive on time.

As mentioned at the beginning of this page, I work without contracts and I do not impose a mandatory minimum number of lessons. Just as we can arrange to meet several times a week before important exams and presentations, we can also easily take a break for one or more weeks if you are on holiday or otherwise busy, or if you can manage well on your own. However, if you do not attend an appointment or cancel a scheduled lesson with less than 24 hours’ notice, the session must be charged in full.


Every student has a unique nature, character and approach to learning. Individual performance and progress are influenced by a variety of factors such as everyday routines and responsibilities, leisure activities, family life and school environment. It is for this very reason that I do not promise specific achievements or improvements in school grades within a given period of time – and I do not expect you to either! My sole expectation during our sessions is that you try your very best, and it is absolutely fine if that happens to be a little less than usual on a "bad day." Likewise, I will do my very best to support and motivate you in your studies.


It only takes a simple e-mail to get started.
I welcome and encourage you to contact me with your request or give me a call if that’s easier for you: