About Me


After graduating from high school, I was drawn to explore and experience the world and thus travelled around Australia and Europe for two years before eventually earning a Bachelor of Arts in British Studies at the University of Leipzig. During this time, I published my first fantasy novel. Parallel to my studies as an exchange student at Macquarie University in Sydney, I completed my scuba diving instructor training and taught German courses at Robert Menzies College. In travelling Southeast Asia for an additional year, I enjoyed becoming intimately familiar with diverse cultures and people while putting my skills to good use as an English teacher and diving instructor — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Since returning to Germany, I have earned my Master's in British Studies and administered/taught English language courses for the University of Leipzig's Department for Further Scientific Education from 2019 to 2022.

Feeling at home in the world yet well-established in Leipzig, I am currently crafting my own literary and academic works while also engaging in my primary work as an educator (with an English and literary focus). As a teacher, editor, and translator, I support my clients as they look to take their school, business, literary, and academic projects to the next level.


We each have a story of how we came to read. We found those first stories by chance; later on, we deliberately seek adventures in new and exciting worlds. Some of us merely long to escape our own lives for a moment or two. Others seek a mirror reflecting the deepest parts of our souls through the wor(l)ds of emotion flowing from the pen of a stranger. Some of us go so far as to give expression to this inner life by creating our own works.

The written word is all too familiar to us yet at the same time an incomparable phenomenon. Employing a variation of strokes and dots, we capture the knowledge of humanity, record the past for the future, and touch the very hearts of others without ever even knowing them. A few humble pages can create worlds that transcend the boundaries of the universe. A single work can leave its mark on an entire generation of humanity, on the Gestalt of mankind.

I have come to view my interaction with literature as a fundamental element of my life and identity. Some works set me free to lose myself in them; others challenge me to find myself. Either which way, working with literature is a social experience that shapes my journey through life and exerts a decisive influence on the people I meet along the way. A few scant lines — swiftly skimmed — can open doors to other eras, cultures, languages, and philosophies of life, ignite in us a passion for something new, or give shape to an unexpected dream for the future. When all is said and read, we are never alone as readers. We hold tight to the stories that touch us, move us and inspir us. Whether expressed through books, blogs, film, music, art, or in conversation, stories connect people and transform strangers into kindred spirits.

Time and again, I am grateful when I unearth a work that captivates me in this way. Literature helps us understand that while much in our world is destroyed and lost, hope can emerge from human imagination.

In essence, writing and working with literature enriches my life. This is as true today as it was over 20 years ago when I first put pen to paper and began scribbling my own fantasy stories as a schoolboy.

Education is a transformative gift. For some people, learning expands their world as they experience facts, places, and sensations they had never before imagined; for others, it opens up something within them. Each of our lives is and always will be a single human life: one significantly shaped by our interaction with literature. Reading allows us to live a thousand lives, and writing allows us to create as many for others. Stories give shape to our dreams and ideals while encouraging us to realise the same. How often do you reflect on the fantastically interwoven realms you have entered between the lines of a story — or perhaps the scientific texts responsible for abruptly and irreversibly changing your perception of the world? How often have you felt the desire to share this experience with others? Imparting what we learn, experience, and witness arms us with the power to leave a legacy of positive change. Herein lies my impulse to read, my inspiration to write, and my motivation to research and teach.


One of man’s oldest works is the humble knot. From African to Celtic cultures, the rich symbolic properties of braided patterns have been featured in art for millennia.
In my brand logo, most will recognise a reef knot: an ancient and simple binding knot used at sea and in medicine for over 4,000 years. It is also the Adinkra symbol of wisdom. For those unfamiliar with the term, Adinkra are Ghanaian symbols that represent specific concepts or aphorisms. Within this context, Nyansapo — the wisdom knot — is a symbol of not only sageness but also resourcefulness, intelligence, and patience. It conveys that a wise person possesses the ability to select the best path forward in pursuit of a specific goal or objective.
Wisdom denotes broad knowledge, learning, and experience as well as the ability to use these capacities for practical purposes. In viewing myself as both an educator and lifelong learner, such are the ideals and philosophy by which I engage in self-education and teaching practices: valuing not only experience and knowledge but also tangible applications of the same.