Teaching and Research

Are you looking for a lecturer for your university, school, or vocational college? Would you like to improve the language skills of your employees? My lessons are professional, tailor-made, and focussed on building confidence through practice.


I teach English and German to students from fifth grade to graduation.

My classes are practice-oriented while emphasising a sound understanding of grammar and vocabulary. When structuring lessons, designing exams, and assigning grades, the equal weight I give to written and oral performance enables all students to demonstrate their individual strengths to the best of their ability. My teaching philosophy is grounded in the desire to impart knowledge, motivation, and a well-rounded worldview. To encourage an engaging learning experience, I draw on current youth culture (via literature, manga, comics, films, anime, cartoons and social media).

In addition to language lessons, I teach classes with a focus on film, literature, and philosophy. In the framework of my Storytelling Workshops for Schools I hold practice-oriented half-year and school-year writing courses in English and German.

Please feel free to contact me with your individual projects and let me know how I can support you and your students.


I teach English and German to both beginners and advanced language learners (levels A1–C2) while also offering specialised courses to develop vocabulary specific to any industry/subject. I conduct my classes either face-to-face or online.

My general language acquisition courses are designed to align with individual student proficiencies and ambitions: ranging from practical lessons tailored to holidays abroad or the systematic expansion of present knowledge to courses with a strong social component for senior citizens.

Meanwhile, language courses designed for academic institutions and vocational colleges focus on the acquisition of subject-specific vocabulary within a humanities and socio-educational framework (literature and media studies, psychology, philosophy, education and social sciences). Likewise, business language courses hone in on effective communication within the professional sphere.

I am happy to fashion an individualised teaching concept for your learning group, students or team that is fully customised per your requirements and objectives. If your institution adheres to an individual teaching concept, I can incorporate that philosophy into my course design as well.


As a university staff member, I enjoy gaining involvement in teaching and research that focuses on British and/or literary studies and welcome the opportunity to publish my own academic and literary work on a regular basis.

Earning my bachelor's and master's degrees in British Studies, I have since dedicated myself to English literature, culture and linguistics. While studying abroad in Australia (2014–15), I worked as an academic tutor at Robert Menzies College in Sydney and taught German language courses. Then from 2019 to 2022, I designed and taught English language courses for the University of Leipzig's Department for Further Scientific Education. At present, I work as an editor and translator, teach English at vocational colleges in Leipzig, and hold Storytelling Workshops for schools.

I am well-versed in working with smartboards and creating/embedding courses for online platforms such as Moodle. I have also produced over 300 hours of lecture and educational videos for the University of Leipzig. I am a competent speaker for both educational lectures and public events, and have practical experience editing academic theses. My overarching goal as a university tutor is to share my knowledge with the next generation of humanities scholars, philosophers, educators, and artists, just as I have benefitted from the guidance of my mentors and colleagues throughout the years.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like my support as a research assistant or lecturer, whether in Germany or abroad. I will gladly provide you with a more detailed overview of my career, publications, and research interests.


In Australia, I obtained my certification as an Emergency First Response Instructor for first, secondary, and child emergency aid as part of qualifying to be a Scuba Diving Instructor in 2015. This training of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) is internationally recognised and qualifies me to conduct first aid courses. An interactive course usually comprises two-day seminars of eight hours each (including breaks).

A few basic skills can save lives. With this in mind, I am happy to arrange customised one-day seminars for private groups such as schoolchildren, students, athletes, recreational divers, or parents-to-be. I encourage you to invest one day of your life to ultimately enjoy the lifelong certainty and peace of mind that comes with the ability to respond quickly and effectively in an emergency situation.